Build A Niche Store Site Down Temporarily

If you have been trying to visit the Build A Niche Store web site from Affiliate Confession today, you have probably seen a notice that reads “This Account Has Been Suspended”. While the main BANS  account isn’t suspended, it was hacked some time yesterday and there has been a problem getting things back online.

BANS store owners may have also noticed the account suspended notice within their admin panels. This is only because a feed comes from the main BANS site with updated news and information. All Build A Niche Store sites and admin panels continue to work fine, so if you are a BANS user, just ignore the message in your interface and continue to work on your sites.

I was working on the sixth post in my Build A Niche Store series and trying to get it published today, but it looks like I will be holding off until Monday for that post. I don’t want to send people to a web site that isn’t working at the present time.

I was first notified about this some time last night when someone emailed me letting me know about the error message. I had a minor freak out for a short time because I thought my account at Clickbank had been suspended or someone had banned me from selling their product. My initial reaction was relieved when I checked a few more sites linking to the forums and main site only to see that they were getting the same message.

If you are interested, you can follow the discussion at Digital Point Forums here.

As I’m getting ready to hit the publish button there are a couple of pages back up at the main BANS site explaining what happened and apologizing for the problem. At this time there are only a couple of pages accessible because of issues with their hosting provider. It is amazing what hackers will do just to get their jollies.

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