Black Ink Project 2.0 Starts Today

Black Ink ProjectIf you have heard of or followed the Black Ink Project, you are in for a treat because Jeremy Palmer will be starting the second set of classes today in the appropriately named Black Ink Project 2.0. If you don’t already know Jeremy, he consistently brings in well over $1 million a year in affiliate revenue and with those kind of results, is probably someone you should listen to.

The first Black Ink Project was loaded with information from the very basics on how to find a profitable niche and how to set up your affiliate business to more advanced topics such as building a sticky site that people come back to and pay-per-click mastery amongst many other topics. Jeremy also included some rather high profile internet marketers in his training sessions such as Amit Mehta and Aaron Wall and all this info cost participants exactly nothing.

What I got most out of the Black Ink Project was seeing Jeremy set up an affiliate web site and hearing his mindset on how he builds sites so as to give his visitors the whole experience of the product he’s promoting, not just a landing page and then sending them off through an affiliate link. While Jeremy does build nice quality landing pages, he also has lots of other value added info for his visitors who want to stick around for a little longer and learn about the product they are considering.

Where Black Ink Project 2.0 is going to differ from part 1 is it will be laser focused on building one website promoting one and only one product. Jeremy will include a detailed step-by-step process on how to build a site and how to launch a PPC campaign to get traffic to it. The 15 part training course will be 10% theory and 90% work as we get to see exactly how Jeremy builds the site through high res videos. Black Ink Project was live and BIP 2.0 will be recorded and each days session will be available at 4pm Pacific time for download. A chat session to answer question and discuss the training will be available at the end of each of the 3 weeks of sessions.

And to top it all off, when you participate in the class you get a free copy of his affiliate tracking and cloaking software, Optimize My Site. This is a self hosted program that will help you track your PPC campaigns to achieve maximum profitability, and you get it for free just for participating in the free training.

Again, the course is completely free, limited to only 1,250 participants and only requires that you sign up for a free trial of the Meet Me Now WebEx web presentation and meeting system. You can cancel the free trial at any time as I have already done and can still participate in the class. Meet Me Now is a robust system that allows you to hold PowerPoint and computer screen video like presentations and training sessions on the web with your customers, prospects or other participants. I gave it the once over and although it is a nice system for those needing to do online training and classes, it just isn’t something I’m going to be using at the present time.

The Black Ink Project 2.0 starts today and is something you should definitely participate in if you are serious about your affiliate marketing career. Don’t forget it’s completely free and you can sign up for the classes here.

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Revealed! – The Secret To Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing SecretI’ve been listening to The Black Ink Project over the last 6 weeks and have been impressed with the speakers, the thoroughness of the material Jeremy Palmer has prepared and the step-by-step instructions he and all the other speakers have been giving since the beginning of the class. The first week was pretty basic stuff for me, but it was valuable information for affiliate marketers just getting into the business, because it is info that everyone needs to know.

After listening for these several weeks to the BIP I’ve decided I’m going to reveal the secret to making money in affiliate marketing and I learned it by listening to the BIP. I hope Jeremy isn’t going to be too upset with me for revealing this secret to those of you who haven’t been taking the class.

Okay, here it is, the secret to being successful and creating vast riches on the internet…

There really is no secret. Hard work is the way to make money on the internet.

There, now you know. I’ve known this secret for some time, but the Black Ink Project has just confirmed it. Honestly, I thought listening to the BIP would be it and it would propel me to super affiliate status just by listening in. What I realized when listening to either the 11th or 12th session was that all of what I was hearing wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before. What made the most impact though was that the principles being talked about were being done on a persistent and consistent basis by Jeremy and the other presenters.

Oh yea, they also each do their own thing and are focused on what they do. Jeremy Palmer builds his affiliate web sites, Amit Mehta does PPC, Aaron Wall does SEO, everybody does their specialty. But their secrets, and anyone else who has made a decent amount of money online, are that they have been in the trenches, failed, lost money on PPC, built crummy web sites, had dumb ideas and then succeeded with something, and then something else and so on and so forth. The amount of money someone makes from their internet businesses is probably proportional to the amount of failures, plus the amount of work, plus the amount of time they’ve been doing affiliate marketing and been online.

I can tell people want to earn a quick buck and don’t put that formula together by some of the questions and comments I get on this blog. People ask me all the time, “How do you get traffic to your BANS stores?”, “Where do you submit your articles?”, “How do you come up with ideas for blogging?”, “How do you find keywords?”, “How many web sites do you have?” And while those are all good questions, the fact that people ask them so often, tells me that they want a short cut instead of taking time to read this blog, because the answer to all those questions are right here if you take the time to look and dig in.

It’s just like someone buying the latest “Make A Million Dollars With This Secret” ebook. Nintey-nine percent of those things are ripoffs, but people want shortcuts instead of taking the time to get into the trenches and learning this stuff on their own or at least doing some research and finding most of this information is available for free all over the net.

Sure, every guru has their little secrets they don’t want to tell because many times letting a secret out of the bag ends up ruining it for everyone. I have my secrets and you will develop your own once you read enough, lose enough money on PPC or whatever and then start developing techniques of your own just by thinking outside the box and putting all the pieces together. But you can’t put all the pieces together if you don’t build the puzzle by hand yourself.

Get in the trenches, get dirty, lose money, get mad at the bad advice you learned in that $97 ebook, take notes along the way and begin building your internet empire from all of that experience. That is the secret.

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Be Careful Using Text Link Ads

I learned a lesson in the last several days that I assume could have been much worse. Sometimes no matter what you hear or read about, you just have to try something for yourself. It’s probably a good idea to follow the advice you read about in some cases rather than being the Lone Ranger and doing it your way.

Case in point, I recently bought a text link on a very high profile blog, which will remain nameless, and thought I would get some traffic and maybe a little PR juice as well. Needless to say, I ignored the most recent advice I heard from Jeremy Palmer, I believe it was through the Black Ink Project, in an online session. Jeremy remarked that he thought he would boost some of his sites by buying text links and ended up getting them all penalized and losing some serious rankings.

Of course I thought, that’s Jeremy, Google knows about him because he’s a big shot, I’m just a medium order of fries, they don’t know about me. Wrong!

I don’t get a lot of traffic from Google here at Affiliate Confession, but it is enough that I don’t want to lose it, mainly because it is a source of ever changing new traffic. The 30 or 40 organic searchers that Google sends my way every day come from a huge variety of long tail keywords that are pretty diverse in the niches they come from. I jeopardized that traffic last week when I purchased the text link on May 28th and only 3 days later my traffic from Google dropped by 80% as you can see below:

Text Link Ads Results

Luckily I realized what was going on the second day after purchase and immediately converted that text link to an affiliate offer. It took a couple of days for the link to change, but when it did, the traffic returned to normal. I’m thinking I didn’t do any long term damage to this blog because I caught what was happening in time and changed it in just a couple of days. My strategy for buying text links now is to either use them only for affiliate offers or to experiment with links on lower profile sites sending traffic to sites that I can afford to do without. I’ll probably just stick with affiliate offers though.

Sometimes you just have to do something stupid before you realize how stupid it is. Don’t be stupid.

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Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project

The Black Ink ProjectOver this last week I’ve been listening in live to Jeremy Palmer’s course, The Black Ink Project which Jeremy is graciously offering for free. This first week covered some pretty basic stuff, but was very good info for the beginning affiliate as it mostly covered setting up your business, finding niches and developing a plan for your business. Even though this week was basic info, the last session on Friday was probably the most important one for me as it dealt with time management and work habits of which I struggle with.

Now, if you don’t know Jeremy Palmer, he is one of the top performers at Commission Junction earning over a million dollars in commissions per year for the last 3 years or so. What makes Jeremy different from a lot of the top guru affiliate marketers is that he is probably the most transparent person in this industry. With his decision some time ago to get completely out of information marketing, because he doesn’t want to be associated with the clowns selling worthless ebooks, that makes him all the more trustworthy. Jeremy used to sell an ebook entitled High Performance Affiliate Marketing for $49 which I bought a while ago, but he now gives it away for free for the reason that there is very valuable information in it, but he doesn’t want to position himself as selling the six-figure-per-year-dream just from buying an ebook.

Along with the ebook being available for free, Jeremy also runs the Quit Your Day Job forums and came up with the idea for The Black In Project to get people excited and increase participation at the forums. With participation by some of the top money making affiliates and internet business experts, The Black Ink Project could cost you a couple thousand dollars or more, but if you click this link and join the course, you can get it for the unbelievable price of…absolutely nothing. That’s correct the course is free and you really don’t have to click on the link to get it for that price, I guess you could type in theblackinkproject.com if you wanted to. The course was originally intended for only 1,000 people, but it filled up so fast that Jeremy decided to open it up to 2,000 more people. But seriously, don’t even get involved if you aren’t committed to it.

The next three weeks will get more into the meat of the course and will cover topics such as designing an eye appealing site, individual landing page design, mastering pay-per-click marketing, building links, social media, outsourcing and more. It will also feature top name affiliates such as Amit Mehta, Aaron Wall of SEOBook and more. I’m really looking forward to the PPC marketing course because I am a PPC guru at losing money. If you want to know how to lose money at Google Adwords, I can definitely show you how to do that. I’m dedicating the next couple of months to taking a completely fresh look at PPC so someday I might actually know what I’m doing in that arena and be able to help people out.

If you are serious about improving your affiliate marketing, and I do mean serious, you can join The Black In Project here. You can also read more about Jeremy’s free ebook here.

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Twitter Doesn’t Suck Like I Thought It Did

Twitter BirdI can’t think of anything in the last several years where I’ve completely changed my thinking about it in 24-48 hours. I’m talking about a 180 degree change from thinking this is the dumbest thing ever to, wow, this is great and everybody should be using it. I’m now a total Twitter believer.

Probably the biggest thing that convinced me as to how useful Twitter could be, was when people started tweeting my posts. First Wordvixen tweeted a post, then Jeremy Palmer tweeted my post about Twitter being hard to explain. Then I discovered I had nearly twice as many followers on Twitter as I had friends on Facebook, and it only took 2 days to do that. The light bulb is on at level three now.

And not only that, I like Twitter much better than I like Facebook because I can get a quick rundown of what everybody is doing or if they have an interesting article I might want to read on their blog. I don’t get assaulted with ads, or lame applications to install, or people contacting me that I have no idea who they are, or repeated friend requests that I’ve ignored over and over, or stuff that I’m just not interested in. I am a full time affiliate marketer and Facebook seems like a playground, whereas Twitter seems more serious and if I see tweets I’m not interested in, it’s simple, I just don’t read them.

Also, Twitter can actually save you time if you don’t abuse it. I’m trying to follow the major bloggers I read on a consistent basis by watching their tweets and most of them will tweet a new blog post, which keeps me from unnecessarily perusing their blogs and wasting time. Since you can have multiple accounts, Twitter can also be used to send out updates to a specific group of people such as with Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project where he is mentoring a group of 1,000 people on how to be profitable in affiliate marketing, which he is graciously doing for free.

No, Twitter definitely does not suck like I though it did.

Follow me on Twitter.

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