Is Google Keyword Tool Search Volume Accurate?

I don’t know if anyone else has notice a huge anomaly in the search volume being reported with the recently updated Google Keyword Tool, but something just isn’t right here.

In doing research for PPC campaigns and content writing I’ll use a number of different free keyword tools just to get a feel of the amount of searches being performed on terms I’m thinking of using. My favorite tools are KeywordDiscovery.com, the Free Keyword Suggestion Tool at WordTracker and of course the Google Keyword Tool. WordTracker reports daily search volume and KeywordDiscovery and Google reports monthly search volume, or at least that’s what their supposed to be reporting. The only problem is that Google seems to be reporting 50 to well over 100 times the volume the other search tools are as you can see below:

Goole Search Volume vs Other Tools

I didn’t notice this right at first, but as I continued to do more research the numbers began to look a little to good to be true. Then I decide to compare the same terms through these three tools and came up with similar results for lots of different keywords. Although the ratio of search volume in Google is probably comparable to other research tools, and still make Google’s tool useful,  it’s a complete mystery as to why Google would report such huge search volume, or am I just completely missing something here? Maybe over-reporting search volume would encourage more people to advertise on keywords in the hopes there would be lots of room in a certain niche when there really isn’t, just a guess.

I have an email in to the helpers at Adwords customer support and we’ll see what kind of answer they come up with. It should be interesting.

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