Top Facebook Ads Tips to Earn Ridiculous Cash

Working with Facebook ads is definitely a challenge, especially in the last few days. What on the surface looks to be easy to get into and easy to use can ultimately be as frustrating as working with nearly any Microsoft product. The problems come from not knowing what the team of editors who approve your ads really want and from the completely arbitrary way they approve ads, also from you not being able to correct disapproved ads (you have to start over with a new ad) and it is also extremely difficult to contact anyone at Facebook to discuss any advertising issue whatsoever.

It’s almost like the team at Facebook wants to be so different in their advertising, they don’t want anyone to advertise, which obviously makes no sense. I get the picture of a bunch of teenagers sitting around at Facebook Ads, playing video games, riding skateboards up the walls turned halfpipe and once in a while approving an ad or two so they can justify their existence. It’s probably not quite like that, but maybe it’s close.

Since it’s a bit frustrating to use Facebook Ads I’ve come up with a few ways to try and deal with them as listed below:

1. Place a pillow firmly over your face and scream “Mustard Mark Zuckerberg” as loud and as fast as you can. This will eventually produce a sound akin to cursing and you may come up with a new term that is one day included in Webster’s. Go ahead, try it.


2. Bang the front of your head directly on a 90 angle of your desk enough times that a ridge begins to form in your forehead. This way when we see each other in public it will be like a little club where we will all be able to recognize and sympathize with each other as Facebook Ads users.

Bang head firmly on desk!

3. If you continually get your ads disapproved try drinking 17 beers, or the equivalent in tequila shots, as quickly as possible to give yourself a completely different writing perspective. Once you change your state of mind, words should begin to flow quite easily and you should be able to write totally different ads, that is if you aren’t spending too much time in the restroom at this point. (lighten up, this is satire)

Don't drink too much!

4. Go to a happy place. Your happy place may be in a straight jacket or in your garden outdoors, where ever it is, make a reservation and check in.

A place to be happy...

5. If all else fails, use the magic Facebook Ads button. This one has never failed to work. The button is the one in the upper right of your browser and is marked with a red x. Log into Facebook and click it, you can’t miss it.

The ultimate Facebook Ads tool!

6. Log into adwords.google.com, start an ad campaign there, earn ridiculous cash  and leave the skateboard riding teens at Facebook Ads to their own vices.

Facebook ad editor skateboarding

In light of all the issues I’ve had with Facebook Ads I’ll be spending the next few days throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks. I’ll be going down the list at Clickbank and other some ad networks and put up as many ads as I can and work with what’s left after the editors get their say.

I’m sure I’ll have to visit my happy place several times. I already have reservations.

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