Build A Niche Store BANS v3.0 Just Released

Build A Niche Store v3.0Build A Niche Store version 3.0 has just been released! All current BANS users got an email a couple of hours ago at 3:20 pm letting them know that the update to the eBay niche store builder has been finished and is ready for download. (I’ve been watching the BANS forums all day for an announcement)

I downloaded the new version just a few minutes ago and took a quick look at the users manual and it looks great. As soon as I get finished writing this post I’m going to print it out and sit down to read it. From the quick look I had, here are a few things that stand out the most:

1. The admin panel in v3 has been completely updated with a new look.

New BANS Admin Panel 

2. There are 2 new product layouts as pictured below:

Buidl A Niche Store v3 Product Layout

3. You can now cloak your eBay affiliate links so they will look like they are internal to your site for much better SEO.
4. You can turn on and off any part of the way auctions display on your site. Auction images, titles, bids, prices, times and PayPal images can all be on or off.
5. You can set up a local store to sell items within any distance of your zip code.
6. You can set up your store to only show items with a minimum number of bids, thus guaranteeing you only show popular items.

My intent is to start the BANS tutorial tomorrow as I set up my new Air Purifier Auctions store. Right now it’s just a shell, but I’m going to upgrade to version 3 later today and start the tutorial tomorrow provided I can get through the manual don’t encounter any issues. I have several other stores I may or may not upgrade to version 3 depending on how easy it is with the new air purifiers store. I purposely haven’t done anything to this store so as to make upgrading as easy as possible.

The 5 part BANS tutorial will cover:

1. Brainstorming a niche and gettng a domain name.
2. Uploading and installing your store and designing a logo.
3. Adding content, title and h1 tags to your store
4. Article Marketing and gettng links
5. More links with USFreeAds

It’s time to print out the manual and start getting familiar with v3.0 of BANS.

If you don’t have it yet, you can get Buld A Niche Store v3.0 here. Current users of BANS can go here to get the update. (you will need your ClickBank receipt number or email address you used when purchasing BANS)


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