Using Build A Niche Store As A Landing Site

I’m not usually in he habit of giving away niches, but because this one has sort of tanked, yet still provides a great example of what you can do with Build A Niche Store when you think outside the box, I’ll reveal it here.

I’ve never had a problem getting Google to give me a good quality score for any of my BANS stores as long as they had a good mixture of content and auctions on each site. So when SpoofCard teamed up with Pepperjam Network I decided I wanted to build a simple site around it and to make it easy, I used BANS as my content management system and based the page I would be sending Adwords traffic to on Zac Johnson’s free landing page template. SpoofCard is a system that allows you to change your caller id to anything you want and goof on your friends or hide your phone number from someone.

SpoofCard Header

The way I built the SpoofCard site was just use the simplest 2 column BANS template with navigation on the left, made a nice header in Photoshop, included a faq  modified from the original SpoofCard site and then added a contact us and privacy policy page. For eBay auctions I looked at the calling cards category and used Spoofcard as a keyword and added some negative words to only get Spoofcards being sold on eBay to show up and also added some auctions from the caller id box category to give the site some content. Right now as I write this post the calling card category is only showing 2 cards, but has shown as many as 20 at one time. You also want to make sure you add an H1 tag, a title, keywords, a meta description and a couple of sentences to each auction page so you’re not just showing auctions.

To make the landing page I use the layout from Zac’s template mentioned above, found a pic of a spy looking lady on a cell phone, added a few bullet points, some text and a big fat button to get visitors to click over to the merchant.

I made about $400 promoting SpoofCard, but unfortunately it just stopped converting at a level I could generate profit about a month ago or so. I’ve since stopped sending paid traffic to the site, but may try some other things in the future. That’s why I don’t mind revealing this little niche I’ve been working on.

Even though this one isn’t doing that well any longer, you can still model a landing site for just about any product or offer being run through the CPA networks on this example. If you want to try any of the weight loss offers, you can set up a site and throw in a few pages with other supplements sold on eBay. You can promote many of the forclosure offers and include real estate sold through eBay as another idea. There are nearly endless possibilities. And after a few months you should be getting some natural search engine traffic clicking through on your eBay auctions and you’ll be making a little cash there.

Give it a try if you already own Build A Niche Store and if you don’t own it yet, you can get more info on BANS here.

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Pepperjam Network Earnings Exceeds CJ Earnings

Join Pepperjam NetworkI thought about that title for awhile and then thought, ah heck, just go with it. I’m referring to my earnings with Pepperjam Network, not their total earnings. For the first time since eBay switched over their affiliate program to be managed in-house and by Pepperjam, my earnings this month through PJ will exceed earnings at Commission Junction by around 4 times, and none of those earnings are coming from eBay managed through Pepperjam.

At one time I had been earning around $800 to $1,000 a month with CJ, but since my leads for Apartments.com dropped off and eBay left, there are only a handful of programs I’m still running through CJ. This signals a changing of the guard for the affiliate networks I’ll be working with from now on. While earnings this month through Pepperjam will not be large by any means, I do expect to see continued growth as new programs get introduced and I start working with more of them.

Pepperjam has around 250 merchants they are working with right now and it seems like they introduce new ones several times a week. And PJ just recently added a new feature to their interface where you can now see the best performing offers on their network according to EPC (earnings per click). This makes it easy to find the best paying offers in your particular niche. Just select your preferred category or do a keyword search for merchants via the partners interface, then click the next to last column to the right marked 1-Month EPC and the best offers will be at the top.

The top 5 EPC offers overall as of this post are:

ExclusivelyHome.com – Home furnishings.
EPC = $8.20

Vitalicious.com – Vitamin fortified desserts and goodies.
EPC = $2.41

Barstools.com – You guessed it, bar stools.
EPC = $1.96

PatioUmbrellas.com – Not just your average patio and beach umbrellas.
EPC = $1.69

LifeLock.com – Guaranteed identity theft protection.
EPC = $1.50

If you haven’t partnered up with Pepperjam yet, now is the time to do so because they are offering a $10 incentive to all new members that get approved. All you have to do is sign up and you get that $10 deposited into your account as a bonus.

Don’t miss out on Pepperjam steamrolling through the affiliate marketing space. Join up and check out their offers today and earn an easy $10.

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Join Pepperjam Network, Get $10 Plus Earn $50 More

PJN July PromoIf you haven’t joined Pepperjam Network yet then you are missing the next wave in affiliate marketing. Pepperjam Network has only been in existence for 5 months, has partnered with the biggest affiliate program on the net (eBay) and is already the number 5 affiliate marketing company in the United States. And with the latest viral promotion they’re doing they just might end up moving up a few places in the rankings.

If you’d like to earn an easy $10 all you have to do is sign up for Pepperjam and as soon as you are approved, you get the $10 deposited into your account. Obviously you shouldn’t just join up to get $10, because if you do, you will never make it in affiliate marketing. You should join because Pepperjam is becoming the affiliate network to be a part of. With their recent venture involving the eBay Partner Network it is evident that Pepperjam means business and that is nothing but good news for affiliate marketers. They are the next Commission Junction if you will.

Pepperjam is also running a blogger incentive program where you can earn up to $50 per month for writing about the network and or some of the tools they offer such as Pepperjam Chat. All you have to do is get prior approval for your post, so spammers don’t take advantage of the situation, and you are off to the races. You get $10 for each post and can do up to 5 per month.

Pepperjam has some of the newest and most exciting offers I’ve seen since I’ve been an affiliate and they’re bringing on new and prestigious companies on a weekly basis that you can earn good money with. Join the up and coming affiliate network that will be #1 one day and get $10, plus have the opportunity to earn $50 per month by blogging about them.  If you’re an affiliate marketer, why wouldn’t you join?

Join Pepperjam Network here.

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Build A Niche Store Now Works With Pepperjam Network

Visit Build A Niche StoreGood news for all those having trouble with their Build A Niche Store affiliate sites and the eBay Partner Network, BANS will now work through Pepperjam Network! That means you can now build a BANS niche eBay store (currently only available for US stores) and completely bypass EPN so all your tracking would go through Pepperjam.

An email went out to all current BANS users this past Friday announcing an update from the Build A Niche Store developers. If you already own BANS, you can you can switch current stores to Pepperjam Network with an update if you choose to make the change. You can also download a complete version of the US Pepperjam BANS store set up as well. However, all new BANS buyers will be directed to download the current BANS EPN store software and if they want to build a new Pepperjam store from scratch or make an update to Pepperjam, they’ll have to go to the update area for the correct files. This is being done because Pepperjam is currently only able to support US eBay affiliates.

If you set up a store or update a current store to work through Pepperjam and then decide you want to change back to EPN, there is also an update to be able to convert back.

If you use BANS and want things to stay the way they are through EPN, then these updates aren’t for you. This is only an option for BANS users as the eBay Partner Network is staying put. eBay wanted to expand their reach and attract new affiliates and therefore formed a relationship with Pepperjam Network.

I won’t be updating any of my BANS stores at the present time, but will be working on a new store shortly that I will run through Pepperjam just to see how it works and be able to report back. In fact I’m going to go grab a new domain name as soon as I hit the publish button.

If you aren’t currently a BANS user you can get Build A Niche Store here.

And if you don’t belong to Pepperjam Network, you should because they will surpass Commission Junction someday and you’ll be left in the dust. You can join Pepperjam Network here.

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Pepperjam Network Swipes eBay Affiliate Program From CJ

Join Pepperjam NetworkPepperjam Network recently announced they have partnered up with eBay’s affiliate program and are now offering the same high payouts that eBay is. I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but this is a huge coup for Pepperjam in the affiliate marketing space. Commission Junction isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but for Pepperjam this signals they mean business.

I’m sure eBay was a substantial revenue source for CJ and since eBay’s transition over to the eBay Partner Network, it remains to be seen how much revenue this move will be able to generate for Pepperjam, but it certainly will be exciting to watch.

But you are probably asking yourself, ‘Why join eBay through Pepperjam?’ And I posed that very same question to Robyn at Pepperjam when I sent her an email asking, “eBay just recently brought their affiliate program in-house and they now manage it themselves, why would someone want to partner up with Pepperjam when they can join the eBay Partner Network directly?” To which she responded:

“There are many benefits of choosing to promote the eBay Partner Network through Pepperjam, including the dedicated team of experienced affiliate managers we have ready to help affiliates in real time, as well as aggressive payouts.  For more details, log into your Pepperjam Network account.”

And when you do read up on the info in your Pepperjam account you will see this:

**COMING SOON – Pepperjam is currently working with eBay to release access to EPN’s Link Generator, widgets, and more to Pepperjam Network affiliates. Stay tuned for other exciting announcements.

This is good new because my initial look at eBay through Pepperjam wasn’t all that exciting. At first the only creatives were just banners and links that all went to eBay’s home page and could not be deep linked. All that has changed as I checked this morning and saw that any banner and any link can now be deep linked to any page on eBay. I also see there is a section for eBay Advanced Links as well, although it doesn’t appear to be functioning as of press time.

Because I make most of my revenue from Build A Niche Stores that have to be directly linked to eBay, I don’t see using Pepperjam there, but I can see direct linking to individual categories and searches on some of my sites and on blog posts through Pepperjam to get a little better tracking. At least at this point there still seems to be some issues with EPN click reporting, indicating a large number of clicks occasionally for no apparent reason.

I continue to be impressed with the way Pepperjam Network is looking and especially with the eBay partnetship, in a very short time they are shaping up to be a serious contender for the affiliate marketer to do business with. It seem like on a daily basis they are adding new merchants and offers and may someday be the “go to” affiliate network on the web as CJ once was.

Don’t get left in the dust wondering what happened to all the good affiliate networks, join Pepperjam Network here and take advantage of their pertnership with eBay while you’re at it.

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