Do They Really Want To Make Money At Google Adwords?

Google Quality Score Is The KeyThere’s been a bit of a discussion over at PPC Coach lately as to why some people’s ppc campaigns are getting slapped with high bids and why they just can’t seem to get any traffic to their offers. No doubt about it, trying to please the algorithms and editors at Google Adwords can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but it always helps to remind yourself that they are in the advertising business to make money.

What Google doesn’t want is to give you a platform to test a million crummy ads, sent to a million crummy landing pages trying to sell a bunch of crummy diet and make money with Google products. It used to be that you could throw heaps of mud at the advertising wall that was Adwords with hundreds or thousands of keywords and then pick out the things that stuck and you’d be making lots of money. Unfortunately I didn’t get in on that gig, but it was much easier back in the good old days according to those that have been doing this ppc thing for some time.

Now though, advertising space is at a premium and there are thousands of people and merchants competing for some of the same spaces where there used to be only a handful of those people. Google used to let ads that got poor click thru rates (CTR) run indefinately as long as they were getting some kind of click activity. Now, if your ads aren’t performing, you are going to get slapped with $1 to $5 first page minimum bids or a Low Quality Score rating and your ads won’t run at all.

Let’s examine some of the reasons that happens and what you can do about it. (This is pretty much my same answer as in the PPC Coach forums.) The discussion mainly focused around direct linking, but it is relevant to all ppc campaigns.

Google is just a huge pain – I run campaigns all the the time that should work, but they don’t because Google is a pain. After awhile you finally figure out it’s not worth fretting about and there’s nothing to do but move on and try something else.

Page rank – If the offer you’re sending traffic to has a 0 or 1 PR landing page, it’s a lot less likely big G will see the relevance to what you’re trying to do. Find something that has a better quality score if you are going to direct link.

Keyword In Ad Headline – On rare occasions you can get away with not using the whole keyword in the headline of your ad, but most of the time it is essential. Auto keyword insertion won’t work, you must type your keywords in manually so Google can see the relevance in them. Google can’t read the keywords in your list, they have to read them from your ad for a good QS.

Larger Picture Relevance – This is a big one here. Your landing page, ad headline, ad text and keywords all have to relate somehow and the whole mix can sometimes be a mystery. One thing out of bounds here and you will get high bids. More relevance overall means more conversions for you as well.

Adwords Account Age – The newer your account, the less you can get away with. If you start out getting great CTR’s then you will get a gold star from Google and they will be a little more lenient towards you.

Not  So Swift Account Manager – Some of these Adwords account managers are just lame and don’t understand advertising at all. I got an email once from some noobie accountmeister and he said my ads on one keyword couldn’t run because all I was doing was trying to send traffic to another site. Duh!, no kidding, isn’t that what a huge percent of adwords traffic is all about? I was sending traffic to my own landing page and he nailed me for 1 keyword out of about 50 I was running in the entire campaign. Nothing to do but move on. There’s too many other things to advertise to worry about 1 keyword.

Now that I’ve had some pretty good success at paid search marketing, my experience is that sending traffic to your own landing pages or direct to the merchant makes no difference at all. What matters is everything mentioned above. If you can’t get your ppc campaigns off the ground because of high bids the best thing to do is not to run stuff where your CTR is really low. The best way to improve your standing with Google is to get people to click on your ads so they make money, that’s why they’re in business, remember?

If you’re running crap offers that generate crap traffic and get lots of impressions, but no clicks, you look like a noobie to G and they will treat you accordingly. When I see that an ad group (1 keyword per ad group) is getting lots of impressions and no clicks I will pause it because thet affects the overall quality of your campaign and eventually it will affect the overall quality of your entire account. If you have 500 or 1,000 impressions and no clicks, turn that word off. I speak from experience here because I used to get nearly everything I put up slapped, but I finally figured out how to get good CTR and the ride has been much easier since then.

Promote quality offers in a quality way with relevant keywords and and landing pages and you will get great CTR’s. Google will then reward you with lower bids because they’re finally making some money from you and more importantly, you are making some money too.

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PPC Coach 6 Month Review

PPC CoachI’ve been a member of PPC Coach for a little over 6 months now and it has probably been one of the most valuable purchases I have ever made on the internet. While I’ve purchased ebooks, hard copy books from bookstores and other training programs online, nothing has produced the results that PPC Coach has.

Using techniques taught in the program and developing my own techniques from the training modules has helped me produce more than $21,500 in revenue (Of which about 70% has been profit) since becoming a member.

Before becoming a member of PPC Coach my successes with pay per click marketing were almost non-existent. Several years ago I was able to produce some leads for myself during a stint with an mlm company and then went on to continue to produce leads for a company providing leads to that same mlm business, but profit margins were very thin. However, most of what I’ve tried involving ppc has been on the losing side. PPC Coach completely turned that around.

PPC Coach consists of training videos, tools, a forum and monthly training modules that are only accessible on a consecutive basis so as not to get overwhelmed with your tasks. The first month gets you going on polls and shows you how to set up your landing pages, choose offers and most importantly explains how to get lots of traffic to your polls. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these polls such as IQ surveys, political surveys or others asking for your yes or no opinion on some such subject.

Without giving away any of the inside secrets, I can tell you that learning how to do these polls was the catalyst to much bigger and better things. The training modules and videos show you how to work various aspects of pay per click marketing such as how to write effective ads, look for traffic sources, structure your campaigns, find the best converting offers and lots of other things.

The forums at PPC Coach are also invaluable as well. There are forum members and regular posters who have made over $100,000 per month that are more than willing to offer their advice if you just can’t seem to get the hang of things or don’t understand something about one of the tools or just need advice on something you’re trying to figure out.

To get the full impact of PPC Coach, it is important to follow the directions “Coach”, as he is called, suggests. Coach highly recommends new students watch all the videos and spend several hours in the forums to get familiar with everything before they start out on their first ppc campaign. This is exactly what I did. I pretty much dumped everything I thought I knew about pay per click marketing and just followed the directions and absorbed everything for the first 3 weeks or so.

Taking in all that PPC Coach has to offer has helped me develop my own system by teaching me to think outside of the box. And that is critically important to succeeding in with your ppc efforts in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Most anything we as affiliates are going to be promoting, especially offers from CPA companies, is nearly saturated when it comes to the most obvious paid keywords. If you are going to compete and drive traffic to these offers via ppc, you have to be able to see around the most obvious paths and find words with very little competition.

Without the aid of PPC Coach I’d probably still be floundering around losing money with my paid search efforts.

The cost of PPC Coach is $49.99 CAN per month which comes out to about $42 US. PPC Coach isn’t for everybody, but if you are tired of losing money and are serious about getting your ppc marketing efforts off the ground, PPC Coach is the real deal.

You can sign up for PPC Coach here.

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Remember, Your Affiliate Business Can Change In A Single Day

Ending yesterday’s post about my February Income Report, I reminded everyone that your affiliate business can turn around in a single day. Well, because of a kickin’ ppc campaign that started running yesterday morning and a big sale from one of my vacation sites through a CJ merchant, that’s exactly what happened.

Yesterday was a record day for my affiliate earnings and brought in more than half as much profit in a single day as I earned in all of last month. The total affiliate earnings for the day was just over $800 after expenses and a majority of that came from just one pay per click campaign through Google Adwords. Funny how things happen, you’re just trudging along trying to make something work on the affiliate roller coaster ride and boom, like magic you find a winner.

Check out the screenshot from Market Leverage below:

ML PPC Campaign

But it’s not really magic, it’s because I kept hammering away at it until I dug up a winner. Initially I had some good success with PPC Coach in working small campaigns involving email and zip submits with payouts of around $1.25, but was hesitant to move on to anything with bigger payouts because that usually involves spending more money per click. The best I had done in the past with anything that pays over $10 was only breaking even or earning $30 a day or so, until this present campaign.

I had slowed down on working ppc because it’s pretty intensive and needs constant attention and I had other projects and previously good earning sites that needed more attention. But because of the potential of ppc marketing, I would occasionally throw some mud at the wall and see if something would stick. But it wasn’t just random junk, there is a plan behind the whole thing, and here’s what I’ve been doing:

One of the tricks I gleaned, or at least deduced, from PPC Coach is to look for a traffic source as the first priority. I know that may sound strange to get your brain around, but if you think of major sources of traffic first and then pair it with an offer, instead of thinking about that acai berry pill nonsense and how you’re going to get traffic to it, amazing things can happen (I know, some guys are making bank on acai berry scams, but most aren’t).

I log into Market Leverage, Neverblue and Azoogle almost every day and just look at the offers to get familiar with what’s there and at least once a week or so, I spend a few hours in each affiliate interface to look at payouts, EPC, network earnings, landing pages, creatives and more so I’m pretty aware of the kinds of things I want to run. I don’t salivate over something with a $32 payout, I just want to know what’s there that fits my business.

And then every day, or multiple times a day I head over to Google Trends and see what the top 100 searches at Google for that specific hour are (Trends is updated every hour). When you click on an individual keyword phrase, you can also see what other related terms are hot as well. It doesn’t happen but a couple times a week, but every now and then it all clicks and there’s something that could be a hit.

I’ve been sending traffic directly to Amazon and various offers through the CPA networks using this method and the great thing about it is, even if your campaign is a loser it doesn’t cost very much to do because most of clicks cost less than 10 cents each. Do a search on most of the hot keywords at Google Trends and you’ll see that sometimes there’s not even one advertiser bidding on them. Can you say, 1 cent clicks?

The point is to be familiar with the kinds of offers that fit your business and a couple times a week you’ll identify a big source of cheap traffic that will fit an offer you’ve already identified. Most of these good campaigns don’t last that long, but sometimes because these trends get picked up and blogged about frequently, the life cycle gets extended and you can continue to earn a little, or a lot, for a decent length of time.

I don’t work this system that hard because I don’t have time, but if you wanted to dedicate some serious time to following Google Trends, I’m sure it would pay off even bigger than what happened yesterday. Hopefully that campaign will last for a few weeks.

Never forget, your affiliate business can change in a single day.

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$10,000 Revenue With Neverblue In 10 Weeks

I’ve been with Neverblue for a few months now, but I’ve only been running active campaigns with any effort for about 10 weeks through them. Back just a few days ago I passed the $10,000 mark in total revenue with them in that 10 week period. Do realize though, this is not profit, it is total revenue produced from all the offers I’ve been running through them. Without doing to much research, I can tell you that about half of that revenue produced is profit though, so that’s about $500 a week in earnings I’ve been generating through Neverblue.

Neverblue Control Panel

Most of the revenue generated in the last 10 weeks through Neverblue has been from what I learned through PPC Coach.

Let me tell you, working with Neverblue rocks. My affiliate manager, Mike, was great to work with and anytime I needed anything I could call him up and he’d get back with me always the same day either by phone or email. I talked with Mike once or twice a week and through close communication he knew what I wanted to promote in my business and kept me informed of new offers and gave me an income bump on a few offers that I was doing well with to give me even more profit. Mike has since moved on to go back to school and I’ve been switched over to super affiliate manager Michelle who I’ve only had the chance to talk to once and she is equally as nice and helpful.

Beyond the helpful affiliate managers I like the way the control panel looks and functions inside your account. When you first log in you can see your revenue produced for the month, for the day and the total amount since being with the company. You can also see links to your current campaigns running, other campaigns recommended for you, the newest campaigns just coming out, your affiliate manager contact info and pic and a bunch of other info.

Your Neverblue Info

Once you click over to the available campaigns I love the way this screen is organized. All offers are classified by category and include the number of offers available. When you click to see the offers you can then see the total network earnings, EPC and the payout for producing a lead. If you then click to an offer the creatives are organized under tabs and on the left of the screen you will see the kind of promotions allowed, the EPC and total earnings and the payout and what constitutes a lead somewhere in the middle. It’s great to have all this info right at your fingertips so you can see if this is an offer you want to run.

Neverblue Campaigns

I try to choose offers with high network earnings and a high EPC, the payout isn’t really that important. That may sound strange to not be concerned about the payout, but what I look for in an offer is if it’s making money for the network at has that good EPC. If those two things are high, I feel like I have a better chance to make money with it regardless of what it pays. If you see an offer with high network earnings, high EPC and a high payout, those are obviously the best.

Organization, great offers, lots of info to help you choose profitable offers and affiliate manager friendly and willing to get to know you and your business is what makes Neverblue rock.

Sign up with Neverblue, earn some affiliate cash and experience their personal service.

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Blogging At The Local Coffee Shop Ain’t That Sexy

Like Some Hott Coffee?I discovered something last week while trying to find an alternative place to work while one-fourth of our home is being renovated, blogging at the local coffee shop isn’t really as sexy as you would think. While it is nice for a change of pace once a week or so to relocate for the afternoon and hang out with other mobile office-mates, doing that for an extended period of time for an entire week or longer, is actually quite a drag.

Here’s how it went last week:

Monday – Headed over to Calvary Chapel WiFi Cafe and after working for 3 hours had to leave and sit in my hot car for 10 minutes with the windows rolled up to thaw out. It’s a great location to work because there are little to no interruptions and you get a huge workspace, but the temperature is so cold you had better dress for winter or buy lots of hot tea or coffee.

Tuesday – Went to SunShoppe Cafe in downtown Melbourne and spent about 4 hours surfing the net, reading and responding in the forums at PPC Coach and working on a BANS site. Not a bad experience, but the temperature was a bit on the chilly side again and the seats were somewhat uncomfortable. However, it was a pretty good deal to be able to use a table for half of a regular work day and only spend $2 on an iced tea. It’s kind of a hip place to spend some time and I’d rate it as the best place I went last week.

Wednesday – Went back to SunShoppe Cafe and hit the lunch crowd…bummer. It was loud and distracting, but at least I wasn’t such a bogart today because I did buy lunch and only stayed 2 hours.

Thursday – Went to the local library. This wasn’t a good experience because I had to contend with some guy sleeping in a chair and snoring loudly near the nice desks with sides panels to help avoid distractions. The snoring was a huge distraction. Moved across the library to the magazine section and sat in front of the music CD table when 5 minutes later someone decided to look through every CD in the rack. Endured click…click…click for 15 minutes.

The biggest drawback I experienced in goin’ mobile last week was simply not being able to get up and take a walk, get some fresh air or take a restroom break for the 3 or 4 hours at these various locations. It’s a bit of a hassle to pack up your stuff and take it to the boys room with you so someone doesn’t walk off with your laptop while nature calls.

The second biggest issue is just the temperature. I can only sit for so long in an ice box before rigor mortis sets in and I can’t move. The only place I’ve found so far where the temp is absolutely perfect is Java Surf on the beachside, but that’s about a 15 minute drive away from the house and you have to buy something every hour to get “free” internet access. 

Unfortunately, the hunt for the perfect office away from home continues…

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