Win Cool Gadgets Courtesy Of Market Leverage, Vat19.com And Affiliate Confession

It’s time for a blog contest to beat all others. I’m talking about on my blog only. Sorry, can’t compete with the big guys yet (maybe someday), but none the less, you can win some very cool gadgets courtesy of Market Leverage, Vat19.com and myself.

So what’s the big prize stash consist of?

How about a Nintendo DS Lite! I won one in the Webmaster Talk contest, but I’m not really into gaming so I thought I’d give it away. How about the one pictured below along with 2 games valued at $155!

Nintendo DS Lite

For the second prize, Market Leverage has graciously sponsored a Flip Mino camera which is the top of the line Flip camera valued at $179. If you haven’t see the Flip camera or don’t have one, they are very cool and make shooting video and uploading it to YouTube about as easy as it gets. I’ll be shooting more video soon, but you can check out my first YouTube video done with the Flip and see how good the sound and picture quality is. Thanks goes out to Market Leverage for sponsoring such a great prize and if you haven’t joined ML you should check out some of their affiliate offers for some great payouts.

Market Leverage Flip Camera

And the last, but not least, prizes come courtesy of Vat19.com, the “purveyors of curiously awesome products.” And let me tell you, they do have some awesome products such as the AirZooka that shoots a blast of air 40 feet, invisible book shelves that make your books look like they’re stuck to your wall, a USB lava lamp for all you 60’s left overs and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Vat19 is sponsoring a USB missile launcher (valued at $34.95) you can control from your computer and engage in cubicle warfare with your co-workers and the soon to be famous, Banana Bunker($4.95 value) that protects your banana from getting squashed. You can now carry your banana anywhere without fear of bruises. Check out the prizes they are sending over below and go visit the links above for videos on each product. The one on the USB missile launcher is pretty funny.

Great Prizes From Vat19.com

Now the rules of the blog contest:

You know I love simple contests and easy ways to win, but we are talking about over $350 worth of prizes here, so you will have to do more than just leave a comment on this post, you will have to write a short post about the contest, link to this post and link directly (not through the links above) to Market Leverage and Vat19.com and then leave a comment here that you’ve done so. Your comment here will be your official entry, not your trackback, so don’t forget to comment. The post doesn’t have to be any specific length, it just has to mention and link to this contest and the 2 other sponsors and that’s it. Remember, I like simple.

The contest starts today and runs through June 25th when I will pick the single winner of more than $350 in prizes and announce the winner around noon, just in time for you to be so excited you won’t be able to eat your lunch.

Enter now and try your luck on winning some great prizes.

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Latest Blog Contest Offers Over $12,000 In Prizes

 Winning The Web Contest

If you haven’t already heard about it, Winning The Web is running the biggest blog contest I think I’ve seen since I started blogging seriously. Gyutae Park started his contest with around $5,000 in prizes and it has grown to an incredible cache of prizes totaling more than $12,000.

I’m not sure how Gyutae managed to secure all the valuable offerings, but some big name players have donated prizes to the contest such as:

AzoogleAds – $650
PepperJam Network – $500
NeverBlue Ads – $250
Shoemoney– 8GB iPod Touch
Affiliate Summit East – 1 $949 conference pass
Seomoz.org – $249 6 month membership
The Secret Classroom – By Joel Comm valued at $497.

And tons of other prizes are up for grabs including memberships, Internet marketing service, ebooks, affiliate marketing tools, blog themes, web hosting, consulting, and lots of advertising. I’m even getting in on the contest by giving away a 2 month advertising spot on my sidebar valued at $70. Winning cash or any of the other prizes in this contest could help you and your blog get more exposure. If I win any of the cash prizes, it will all be spent on advertising.

It’s pretty amazing to see all the big name people and companies donating prizes to Gyutae’s contest. It really legitimizes these kind of contests as one of the best ways to promote your blog and increase your readership and Winning The Web is the perfect example of this. Since the beginning of the contest couple of weeks ago I’ve watched as his rss subscribers have increased by more than 250 and I now see Gyutae’s blog mentioned on many of the blogs I visit. Many of the top bloggers and internet marketers have rocketed themselves out of obscurity by using contest as a means of promotion and I see Winning The Web getting ready to bust out of the gate and make a run for the top with this one.

If you’d like your chance at winning a cut of some incredible prizes valued at over $12,000 this is one blog contest you don’t want to miss!

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