Sunday’s Thoughts – Take A Break From The Web – Reading Ray Kurzweil

Relaxing at Java Surf Reading About Ray Kurzweil

Relaxing At Java Surf Indialantic

I love Sundays because it’s a great time to get almost completely away from my duties on the web. Jean and I go to church in the morning, I play in the band, we come home and eat lunch and we’ve started going out to Java Surf over in Indialantic Beach, Florida to have a coffee, a snack and spend a couple hours reading and relaxing. Java Surf has sentimental memories for me because it used to be Shaggs Surf Shop, owned by the former wife of East Coast surfing legend Dick Catri. Shaggs was a place I visited quite often as a young surf rat many years ago.

We used to do our relaxing at home on Sundays which usually ended up in us taking a 2 hour nap and then not being able to sleep Sunday night. This wasn’t a good way to start out the week. We figure if we get out of the house on Sunday afternoon and go some place where it’s probably looked down on if you sleep in public, we stand a much better chance of sleeping at night and getting a good start on the next week.

It helps me tremendously to just get away from the web for several hours on Sunday and read something stimulating and avoid taking that nap. Today I read the transcript from the Ray Kurzweil interview by Glenn Beck this past Friday evening on CNN since I didn’t have the chance to watch it. Ray has 16 honorary doctorates, is a genius’ genius and knows just about everything about everything. Really, it was absolutely fascinating and reading such as this can help you see way beyond any mental boundaries you may have.

So the though for this Sunday is, what are you doing to relax, get away from the ordinary daily web grind and expand your thinking to new horizons?

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