Your ShoppingAds Unaffected By eBay Affiliate Program Change

ShoppingAdsI just got an email from support at ShoppingAds.com  and there’s great news for all ShoppingAds / AuctionAds affiliates, you won’t need to do anything to your widgets, code or links for the big eBay affiliate program changeover. Apparently everything will be switched over on their end so their affiliates can rest easy. Support said that there might be a slight reporting delay, but other than that you probably won’t notice anything.

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me because I have tons of links in USFreeAds.com classifieds, on blog posts and other web sites and I was dreading the switch. This should be quite reassuring for all eBay affiliates and stem the worldwide panic just a bit. If ShoppingAds will smoothly get through the eBay affiliate transition, then we as individuals shouldn’t have too much to worry about. All your present eBay affiliate links go through a redirected eBay domain anyway so I’m guessing all we will have to do is possibly change our affiliate codes in all of our links, but it might even be simpler than that and only require signing up for the eBay Partner Network. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I received a rather nasty comment just yesterday (which I deleted) making fun of BANS users in regards to the switchover from CJ to the eBay Partner Network. The writer thought Build A Niche Store would now be rendered useless. All I can do is laugh at that kind of thinking because the BANS developers have everything under control and will issue a quick fix probably sometime tomorrow after they sign up for the new eBay affiliate program. The fix shouldn’t consist of more than 2 or 3 files that will just need to be ftp’d to your BANS directories.

I’m kind of looking forward to the change and anxious to see how eBay is going to enhance their already incredible affiliate program. It’s nice to know at least ShoppingAds and BANS will require little to no effort to make the switch. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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You Can Still Make Money With ShoppingAds aka AuctionAds

 Make Money With Shopping Ads

I don’t see many bloggers or affiliate marketers talking about making money with Shopping Ads aka AuctionAds any longer. And in fact, I just had Blogging For The Money leave a comment a few days ago letting me know I’m the only one he’s encountered making more than a couple of dollars per month with them.

I don’t make that much money with ShoppingAds, but it is a little and in affiliate marketing, every little bit ads up. Last month (February) I made $103.54 with Shopping Ads and in January I made $222.95 and the truth be told, I hardly do anything to promote them, but I have found a little secret that seems to work pretty well.

Here’s how I do it:

You can link directly to eBay in classified ads by using Auction Ads. I get 50% of my traffic, but earn 90% of my income from Shopping Ads by placing ads on USFreeAds.com.

You can place free ads on this classified site, but they are absolutely worthless because you can’t put a direct link in them. It’s a bit misleading with the name, but to take full advantage of USFreeAds.com, you need to get a Premium account for $9.95 per month. With this kind of account, you get to place as many ads as you want, they can be as long as you want and can contain as many keyword links as you want. Right now I’m running 162 ads on the site and every one has a direct link, several going to eBay through ShoppingAds.com using their url converter.

I have to warn you though, expect little to no results with USFreeAds.com for the first month because where you get the real results with this technique is by getting your ads indexed in Google. And it takes at least a month to get your first ads indexed, so anything you get before that is gravy.

Now that you know the basics, here’s exactly how I work the USFreeAds system to earn money with Shopping Ads:

In looking for a particular niche to exploit, I look for a category that has very few featured ads. Featured ads appear at the top of all other ads and cost between $12 and $50 depending on how long you run them (From 2 months to 1 year). If you are thinking of putting an ad in the Home Business section of the larger Business Opportunities section, don’t. There are literally hundreds of Featured ads there and the chances of yours being seen are slim to none unless you write killer copy that gets indexed by Google, but it’s best to just stay out of those overly exploited categories.

The reason I pick a category with few featured ads is because you stand a better chance of your regular ad appearing on the first page of ads for that category and having it get indexed quicker if it does (that’s what you’re looking for). After picking a niche and finding a category to advertise in, I write a nice, non spammy ad using the keywords you would expect to see in that niche and I always use a picture in the ad. Ads with pictures get 5 to 6 times more views than ads without. For a stretch of a few weeks, I was placing 5 to 10 ads a day, but only put up a couple a week now.

After placing my ads I will watch to see which ones get the most views and then convert the very best ads to Featured ads. I usually run a featured ad for 3 months at a cost of about $18. The reason I use Featured ads is because you can add a redirect that brings your visitors directly to the url you place in the ad, instead of going to the ad itself. The benefit of this is when your ad gets on the front page of Google and someone clicks it, they go directly to eBay and completely bypass your ad.

Now, you have to monitor this because using the redirect causes Google to not index the content in your ad. So what I do is turn off the redirect (simply edit your ad) and let the ad get indexed in Google again for a couple of weeks and then turn on the redirect and enjoy direct traffic to eBay from Google for a couple of weeks. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Like I said near the beginning of this post, I hardly work this system at all now, but it has produced more than $400 in income for about $80 in advertising expenses since December of last year. I’m sure if I put more time into it and placed more ads, it would produce better results. It is a little involved, but once it incubates for a couple of months, it starts to work better and you can almost ignore it like I do or spend more time with it and see what happens.

You can sign up for a Premium account with USFreeAds.com here.

If you aren’t already a member, you can sign up for ShoppingAds.com here.


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