Travel Niche Is Hot During Summer Slowdown

I’ve written previously on how the travel niche is good for earning money through Google Adsense because it is something where people spend time shopping and looking for the best deals. This kind of action can get you multiple Adsense clicks even on the same page of your travel based site. Another reason travel is a good niche is because it is hot during the first part of the summer through the beginning or middle part of August when other niches are traditionally experiencing a slowdown.

Let’s look at a comparison of the terms vacation rentals and electric guitar and their search volume during 2007 according to Google Trends. As you can see from the graph below the term “vacation rentals” started an upward trend in May and is peaking out right about now as I write this post. And there are other niches within the “vacation rental” niche that trend fairly well through the beginning of October. However, if you look at the keyword “electric guitar” it takes a slight drop at the beginning of July and doesn’t trend upwards until the Christmas season.

Vacation Rentals Trends

The electric guitar drop off in summer is more pronounced when you look at the chart back in 2006 by itself without comparing it to another term.

The obvious reason travel is a good niche to sustain you through the summer is because that’s when kids are out of school and families are planning and taking their vacations. The trick is to find sub niches within the travel niche that sustains even longer through the summer months (easy to do with Google Trends). You can also see that when travel hits its low search volume during November and the first couple of weeks in December, that’s when people are searching for electric guitars and other gift type items for Christmas.

I haven’t looked into this, but other niches that would probably be great during summer are things like camping equipment, travel accessories and recreational toys that people will be using as they are enjoying the summer months.

If you plan your affiliate marketing strategy right and diversify your earnings, you can get through the summer slowdown without losing much steam at all and be ready for the robust Christmas shopping season, possibly with some extra advertising dollars. 

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