Flip Camera From Webmaster Talk Contest Shows Up

Yahoo! The Fip Camera won at the Webmaster Talk contest was delivered by FedEx today and unlike the MacBook Air it actually worked and is very cool. The Flip is very easy to use even for a video noob such as myself. I know nothing about posting videos on YouTube and was able to shoot a video and upload it in only about an hour or so (It took several takes without saying something dorky before I got it right). The only prize I’m waiting for now from the contest winnings is the iPod Touch. Of course I’m also waiting for my Macbook Air to get back from Apple.

My intention with the Flip is to do some video blogging on both this blog and our Healthy Diet Podcast blog. I’ve never really dome a video before so the one below is my first attempt and shows a little different side of me than what I normally talk about here on Affiliate Confession. Affiliate marketing has nothing to do with playing the drums, but this is just an experiment and next time I’ll do something related to making money online. For now, you can just tap your feet along with the video.

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