Would You Buy From Your Own Website?

Skeptical Web Shopper DudeThere’s another huge secret in affiliate marketing I don’t see many people talking about although it is probably one of the more obvious ones. The title already gave it away, but it’s worth saying it again because it is one of those things you really need to think about if you aren’t making any money from your web marketing efforts.

I had a reader leave a comment yesterday asking me to look at her blog because she’s wondering why there isn’t much revenue coming in and the question just has to be asked, and it’s a great one for all affiliates to consider:

If you were shopping on the net for the product or service you are offering, now really, really think about this, would you buy from your own web site?

No I’m not kidding, that’s probably one of the biggest considerations new and even seasoned affiliates miss (I’m speaking to myself trying to make a quick buck at times). When you shop online, you probably like to do business with the sites that are generally the most visually appealing, have a professional feel about them, give you a feeling of all important trust and are focused on what you as the customer are looking for. All those things are important to you before you want to spend your money, or in the case of an affiliate site, trust the site enough to take their recommendations and maybe click on an ad or go somewhere else to buy a product.

Now that we’ve established how important those things are to you, why wouldn’t you provide exactly the same experience for your visitors and customers?

Look at your own sites…no, I mean really look at them, are they focused, trustworthy and appealing, or are they cluttered, scattered in their content and focused on the sale instead of the experience. If your customer has a great experience on your site, you stand a much better chance of having the experience of earning revenue.

Come one now, really, would you buy from your own web site?

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Get Free Business Cards, Post Cards, T-Shirt From VistaPrint.com

Free Business CardsIf you don’t know about them, VistaPrint.com has been running a deal for a long time where you can get 250 business cards for free and I know a few people that have gotten in on this. Now, in addition to their free business cards offer, they are offering either 100 free post cards, personalized sticky notes, a free pen (not that big of a deal), reduced priced note cards, reduced price premium business cards (nicer photography and printing) or even a free t-shirt with your company name and web site.

If you are trying to promote your web business offline this offer is a great opportunity to get some cards printed up and pass them out, put them up on bulletin boards or get some post cards and send a few a-list bloggers a card or two directing them to your web site or a special offer or contest you may be running.

The offers from VistaPrint break down as follows:

Free Business Cards – Choose from 42 different designs and get 250 for free. The cards are printed on 80lb card stock.

Free Post Cards – Get 100 free cards for promoting your special offers to prospects, webmasters or customers.

Free Rubber Stamp – Get a free stamp so you can print your company name and web address on everything you send out such as envelopes, cards, letters and more.

Free Sticky Notes– Get 1 pad of sticky notes for free. A good idea for this would be to get them printed up with your name and web url and use them around your office when you need to write a note to a co-worker. Everyone in your office will soon know about your website.

Free Pen– I’m surprised they don’t offer a few more pens on this one. Maybe 10 would be a good number so you could at least give a few away. It still would be nice to get a custom pen with your web site printed on it.

Free T-Shirt– This one is kind of cool. You can get one t-shirt with your name and url on it and can choose from 17 designs. I think it costs about $4 if you want to use your own logo. That’s still a good deal if you want to get your own custom t-shirt.

You can get some of these offers in 3 days such as the business cards and post cards. Other offers may take longer.

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