What is an aerial circus show ?

What is an aerial circus show ?

An aerial circus show is an extraordinary event that combines the magic of the circus with the discoveries of aerostation. The artists use kites, balloons and aerial structures to create a multitude of visual and sound effects. If you have never attended this type of show, you are really missing out!

An aerial circus show is usually composed of three main elements: the performers, the aerial structures and the flying machines. The performers are trained to perform aerial acrobatics and interact with the audience. The aerial structures provide support for the performers and allow the audience to have a better view of the show. Flying devices such as kites, balloons and gliders can be used to create a variety of visual and sound effects.

Aerial circus shows are usually very spectacular and entertaining. They can be adapted to different audiences and offer a unique experience every time. If you are looking for something new and exciting to do, an aerial circus show is definitely something to consider!

How do aerial circus performers train ?

Aerial circus performers usually train in specialized circus schools. There they learn the techniques necessary to perform acrobatics as well as how to interact with the audience. The training can be quite intensive and take several years before the artists are ready to perform on stage.

In addition to physical training, aerial circus performers must also learn to work as a team. Aerial circus acts are usually very complex and require perfect coordination between the different team members. This means that the performers must be able to communicate effectively and work together towards a common goal.

Training for aerial circus performers can be time consuming and difficult, but it is what allows them to create incredible and captivating performances. If you have the opportunity to attend one of their shows, discover the atmO2sphere, a show inside a bubble! You will certainly be impressed by what you see!

How long does an aerial circus show last ?

Aerial circus shows can last from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the number and complexity of the acts presented. Shorter shows are usually composed of a few simple acts, while longer shows can have many. Some aerial circus shows are even designed to be themed, with specially selected costumes and music to create a particular atmosphere.

What precautions should aerial circus performers take ?

Aerial circus performers must take many precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of spectators. Aerial circus acts can be very dangerous, as they often involve complex acrobatics performed several feet above the ground. Therefore, performers must undergo extensive training in order to be prepared to perform their acts properly.

In addition, aerial circus performers must also make sure that the aerial structures on which they are going to perform are in good condition and stable enough. These structures can be made of fabric, rope or metal, and it is important that they are properly maintained to avoid any accidents.

Finally, aerial circus performers must always work closely with safety personnel. Safety personnel are trained to respond quickly to accidents and to help performers exit the aerial structure safely.

The precautions taken by aerial circus performers ensure not only their own safety, but also that of the spectators. If you are attending an aerial circus show, you can be sure that all measures have been taken to ensure your safety!